About us

Baltservis Ltd is the company involved in manufacture of cabinet furniture, equipment maintenance and building repair.

We use the qualitative and certified materials in furniture manufacture: laminated chipboards (LMDP), various plywood, wood dust boards (MDF), wood fibreboards (MPP) or (HDF), boards of fine wood chips reinforced with synthetic resin (OSB) and (MFP), edge banding tapes (PVC), (HPL), (CPL) and (ABS), LED lighting, glass and other materials. We select the reliable and durable fittings for furniture, as well as provide warranty for our production.

We manufacture information and promotions stands, stickers, products of plastic and organic glass.

We maintain and repair food industrial equipment. Systematic maintenance of restaurant, coffee shop, industrial workshop, market and shopping centre equipment provides longer service life of industrial equipment, allow production of qualitative food products, as well as provides comfort and confidence for workshop employees. We assemble and disassemble the industrial and commercial equipment.

We carry out the finishing repair works.